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    Stock markets are a financial kurukshetra or a battle field where millions of people are daily immersed in figuring out who will win. Any individual at times can go through a phase where he not only misses the profitable track but also ends up with losses. According to us anybody who looks at the stock markets as an full time source of income or an alternative to his regular income or business should look at it profitable point of view but the normal tendency of a person is to try his luck in the markets which is totally a wrong approach. To overcome all these things and prepare an individual to be a winner in the financial battlefield of Bulls and Bears, MANSUKH INSTITUTE OF FINANCE & MANAGEMENT( MIFM)



    (The Best Way to Learn Technical Analysis And Transform Yourself from An Average Trader/ Beginner Into A Market Analyst.)


    Invest in the Right STOCK at the Right TIME & at the Right PRICE.



    • Introduction on technical analysis
    • Bar charts, candle charts, Candle study, using volumes, support, resistance & breakouts
    • Pattern study: double/triple/rounding tops / bottoms, head & shoulder, Rectangles, pennants, flags, cups with handle.
    • Using trend lines, candlestick patterns and gap theory.
    • Indicators: Moving Averages, RSI, MACD, STOCHASTIC, MFI, OBV, BOLLINGER BANDS.
    • Dow Theory, Fibonacci retracement & Basic of Elliot wave theory .
    •  Trading psychology • Day trading, money management, risk management.


    Is this course for you?

    If you want a practical overview of technical analysis or if you are required to use forecasting techniques in day-to-day activities or If you’re interested in building on your knowledge of charts and developing a market timing strategy based on sound technical analysis, this is the course for you.


    What will you learn ?


    • Understand the value of technical analysis in your trading, their opportunities and traps when analyzing market trends.
    • You will learn trading strategy that all the major firms use and how to pick the right stock/commodity with most effective professional strategies for day traders.
    • Learn how different types of charting and reversal patterns can help in market analysis and trade breakouts on both sides of the market before opening bell. » Understand how different types of commodities or assets are suited to different types of analysis and learn trend trading as how to catch the major moves.
    • Create your own rules and a trading strategy that aligns with your skill level, capital investment and discipline.
    • This course provides an excellent opportunity to undertake practical-based training of a 'trader's approach' to technical analysis.


    DURATION :10 Hours (only on saturday and sunday)
    ELIGIBILITY/LEVEL: Beginners/Intermidiate

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